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New Orleans

Get To Know New Orleans

Located on a bend of the Mississippi River, New Orleans has long reigned as Louisiana’s most captivating city. Known variously as “the Crescent City” and “the Big Easy,” it is frequently ranked among the most romantic and European of North American cities, thanks to a unique combination of history, architecture, and enduring cultural traditions.

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Get To Know New Orleans


History of New Orleans

Robert de La Salle claims the territory for the French and Jean Baptiste Le Moyne is appointed Sieur de Bienville Commandant and Director General of the new colony.


History of New Orleans

Royal engineer Adrian de Pauger lays out the city streets, naming many of them for Catholic saints or France’s royal houses.


History of New Orleans

Seeking a colony on the Mississippi River to facilitate trade, Bienville establishes the city of Nouvelle-Orléans on the first crescent of high ground above the mouth of the river.


History of New Orleans

France signs treaties that cede Louisiana to Spain, which rules for the next 40 years. Two subsequent fires in 1788 and 1794 lead to Spain establishing building codes mandating tile roofs and brick walls.


History of New Orleans

France reclaims New Orleans, then sells it to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase.


Fairs & Festivals

With more than 130 festivals annually, it’s a good bet your visit will coincide with a rolicking good time.

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